Source code for tsaug._augmenter.reverse

from typing import Optional, Tuple

import numpy as np

from .base import _Augmenter, _default_seed

[docs]class Reverse(_Augmenter): """ Reverse the time line of series. Parameters ---------- repeats : int, optional The number of times a series is augmented. If greater than one, a series will be augmented so many times independently. This parameter can also be set by operator `*`. Default: 1. prob : float, optional The probability of a series is augmented. It must be in (0.0, 1.0]. This parameter can also be set by operator `@`. Default: 1.0. seed : int, optional The random seed. Default: None. """ def __init__( self, repeats: int = 1, prob: float = 1.0, seed: Optional[int] = _default_seed, ): super().__init__(repeats=repeats, prob=prob, seed=seed) @classmethod def _get_param_name(cls) -> Tuple[str, ...]: return tuple() def _augment_core( self, X: np.ndarray, Y: Optional[np.ndarray] ) -> Tuple[np.ndarray, Optional[np.ndarray]]: X_aug = X[:, ::-1, :].copy() # type: np.ndarray if Y is None: Y_aug = None # type: Optional[np.ndarray] else: Y_aug = Y[:, ::-1, :].copy() return X_aug, Y_aug